Why a Private Jeweler

Why a Private Jeweler?


When you are making an important jewelry purchase, you want to work with someone who knows jewelry inside and out, and someone you can trust.

Today, when you shop for that important engagement ring, you might think of going first to a retail store.  You might ask the clerk about a ring that you see in a jewelry case.  They’ll pull the ring out and read the tag.  If you have questions, the clerk will most likely go back to the tag and read the information.  Or the clerk might refer to the store’s inventory book to get more details.  The shop clerk isn’t necessarily trained in jewelry, but is definitely trained on selling you whatever jewelry they have in stock — not necessarily what you really want.  That is pretty much the depth of experience of a today’s retail jewelry clerks.  And when you pay that hefty price, you are not only paying for the jewelry, you’re also paying for the store’s expenses — rent, commission, security, insurance, and staff.


A Private Jeweler is usually educated in the gems, in the manufacturing of the jewelry piece, and in the marketplace of the jewelry world, as I am.  I went to different schools to master jewelry, jewelry making, and the jewelry world.  I  have a private office, in which I attend to my clients personally by appointment.  Every client gets my undivided attention.  I share my knowledge with the client so they understand what they’re buying, building trust with me.  Like me, private jewelers are non-exclusive and can also sell you a variety of designers — Cartier from the 1920s, Tiffany &Co. from the 1960s, BVLGARI from the 1980s.  The client has better choices when buying from a private jeweler, and doesn’t have to pay for the expensive overhead of a retail store.


For me, the most important factor in my relationships with my clients is trust.  I want them to trust me and I learn everything I can about jewelry, so they’ll come back to me again for their next jewelry purchase.


There are many private jewelers.  Do a search or ask a trusted friend for their suggestions.  You will feel comfortable working with a knowledgeable private jeweler you trust, and pay significantly less than if you were working with a retail clerk looking for a commission.

Submitted by Gerald Bauman who can be found here . He also has a silver line which you can find here