weller flemish figural tulip vase and frog
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Weller Flemish Tulip Vase and Flower Frog


Weller Flemish Tulip Vase and Flower Frog

Product Description

Beautiful 9.5″ tall 4.5″ across the base, 5.5″ across the top.
This gorgeous Weller Flemish tulip vase with flower frog is quite rare!

The impressed Weller stamp was used between 1900 – 1925.
Weller Pottery Company history – * Samuel A. Weller was born in 1851, the seventh child of an Ohio farming family. He started a one-man pottery in a log cabin in Fultenham, Ohio in 1872, initially handling all aspects of production from digging and mixing the clay, throwing the pots, firing them, and transporting them to nearby Zanesville where he sold them.

Rudolph Lorber, an Austrian native, joined Weller in 1905 after working as a modeller at the Vance Faience Company in Tiltonville, Ohio. He created many of Weller’s embossed lines until he retired in 1940. His importance to Weller cannot be overstated; his embossed lines and modelled figurines were usually beautifully executed, and great sellers.
Rudolph Lorber introduced the eclectic Flemish line in the early teens, it was retired in 1928.

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