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Monumental 4 Foot Black Forest Musical Trumpeter Clock Circa 1890

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This is a rare and monumental Black Forest 1/4 hour musical trumpeter. The case is exquisitely carved with a romantic motif, circa 1890

Product Description

Magnificent Black Forest trumpeter clock, made by the firm Gordian Hettich Sohn, GHS, Furtwangen Germany, Circa 1890.

Exquisitely carved case in walnut is over 4′ high. Rare romantic motif with full relief eagle at apex, and family of deer at the base. All carvings are in full relief.

Every 1/4 hour a trumpeter figure appears and calls the 1/4 hours with 4 notes per 1/4 on 3 horns. At the top of the hour, or on demand. At the top of the hour after the trumpeter calls a second door opens revealing a seated man holding a zither. A large 4 tune music box then plays. The music box has great tunes, including “God Save the Queen”. This clock was made int he Black Forest for export to England.

This clock has excellent provenance. It is featured in the Book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks. We acquired the clock from a prominent UK clock museum where it had been on display for decades. The clock was imported into the USA and is now available in our inventory.

The clock has been fully serviced and is ready to be hung and enjoyed. It would look fantastic in your cabin, restaurant, mountain home, or collection. This is a very rare clock and the only one we have ever seen worldwide.

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