A 1920’s perfume holder .


A 1920’s Wooden perfume holder .

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“The Original Courvoisier CC Perfume in an emergency container’. H Bronnley and Co UK London.W.” Is written on the base label . I emailed H Bronnley and got this email back …….. Dear Steve,
Thank you very much for your email and sharing this information and photos with us. We have tracked back through our archives and unfortunately the only information we can confirm for you was that it would have been made in our original premises in Acton in the 1940s. The Acton building was unfortunately burnt down in 1947 so a lot of the archive material was lost forever.
So we are unable to confirm what the writing would have said but it would have been produced prior to 1947.
I hope this gives you some detail and thank you again for sharing this with us.
Kind Regards

After more research and an email from a perfume dealer in New York , this dates to the 1920’s
A nice piece for you perfume collectors .

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