How I Sold My First Antique Piece

how I sold


My love of jewellery started as a little girl. My family did not have a lot of money, and I learned to believe that to buy jewellery was frivolous, and a waste of money.

As I grew, my love did not dwindle, but the notion formed that if I could purchase jewellery as an investment it would be acceptable. Over time, I discovered that there are a number of values to an antique piece of jewellery. There is first off, the antique value, beauty and rarity. To reinforce that value follows the metal value, gold and platinum seem to do quite well as investments.

I had always loved gemstones, so threw that into my collecting mix. Oh my, now to consider my collecting purchases, I was looking at the antique value, metal value, rarity, beauty, metal content, and the gemstones. How very exciting my treasure hunts became.

Over time I accrued some beautiful pieces, and decided I wanted to share (sell) them with others who would also share the love for antique jewellery.I realised I had quite a conundrum. How did I know that the gemstones in the jewellery pieces were what I had been told they were? The reality was that I did not!I looked at valuations and realised it would be quite costly to have all my jewellery valued.

My next thought was, ‘why don’t I study to learn how to understand gemstones?’.I began my studies into gemmology. Oh my, what a journey that was. During my exciting studies (and bloody hard work too), I discovered that quite a few items I’d paid dearly for, did not contain the gemstones I’d paid for. That what an incredible disappointment! I did not want to pass this experience onto others, and happily went on to pass my studies in gemmology.

A very long way around to come to sell my first jewellery item, but it felt fantastic to be able to assure the buyer that the gemstones in the wonderful antique item, were indeed as they expected.

Whilst I do not have a full gem laboratory to hand, I have a lot of knowledge of what to look for in gemstones, and if I’m not able to be sure, I’m happy to say so. Sharing a love of antiques is a dream, and if it can become an investment, what a bonus!

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