5 Reasons To Open A Talking Antiques Shop

Open a Talking Antiques Shop

Have you opened your own Talking Antiques Shop yet? If your an antiques or vintage dealer its a great opportunity for you and at a bargain price. As someone who had a shop here for 2 years until my retirement from selling I can highly recommend it. Let me tell you why.

5 Reasons To Open A  Talking Antiques Shop

  1. Low Cost
  2. Simplist listing anywhere
  3. Graduate from eBay the easy way
  4. Advertise a huge antiques community
  5. Will boost your current online presence


1. Low Cost

Selling online is generally quite pricy as I’m sure you have found out if you’ve tried selling on eBay or setting up your own website. Talking Antiques shops are really reasonably priced in comparison and you can have a two-week free trial before you commit yourself further.

The charges: £10 per month, £50 for 6 months and £90 per annum.

With no limitation on the number final selling price, I challenge you to find a lower cost option dedicated to antiques, vintage and collectables.

2. Simplest Listing Anywhere

Many venues for selling antiques on-line are quite complicated with lots of options to select and boxes to fill in. Talking Antiques shops are different. All you have to do is add a description, add a few pictures, choose your categories and your off. This makes the whole process of listing much quicker.

3. Graduate from eBay the easy way

Have you been selling on eBay or Etsy for a while and would like graduate to having your own personal website? Talking Antiques is a halfway house between these sites and going it alone. You have your own personal space where you can advertise almost anything you like ( No guns or Ivory are the only exceptions I can think of).

The point here is that it’s your business your way. You decide on your business terms and conditions. You can negotiate with potential customers if you wish – They give you there email address and then you take it from there. Sounds like Antique Dealer heaven to me.

4. Advertise to a huge Antiques Community

There are currently over 78,000 members of the Talking Antiques Facebook group. With that number, there should be someone who is interested in your sales. Once you have set up your item in the Talking Antiques shop you are free to share it with the group or anywhere else on the internet you choose.

5. Boost You On-line Presence

Do you already have an online presence?  Whether its eBay or your own antique website a Talking Antiques Shop is a great addition. You can add links from your shop to your current sales and customers will follow through giving your website a boost.

When I ran antiquesavenue.co.uk as an online store I would set up a sale for Antique Brooches and showcased a few pieces from my site within it. This type of flexibility means you can get multiple items in front of your buyer’s eyes at once.


Anne HaileWritten by Anne Haile – Antiques Dealer for 20 years. Retiring this month and taking up Adventuring, having fun and writing her Antiques Blog and taking photos full time.  Please do get in touch if you are interested in collaborating.